IN8POWER Earrings - The "Sterling Cooper" Collection

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Illuminate your strengths and radiate confidence with iconic IN8POWER Earrings by IN8SOCIETY.

Le Merde's top-selling earrings are handcrafted in Ballard, Seattle from high quality leather. These extra-lightweight honeys are *perfect* for every occasion and only get better looking as they age (hai)! 

The "Sterling Cooper" limited collection comes in all of our signature styles:

  • The Mohawk (we love you, rebel child)
  • The O.G. (you've busted through that glass ceiling but you're still proud to be Jenny from the block)
  • The Minimalist (a self-motivated goal slayer- you know what you want and exactly how to get it).

Which IN8 character do you identify with?


  • Hypoallergenic 20mm hoops are sterling silver.
  • Logo-charms are made from raw brass.
  • Measurement from top of hoop to tip of longest point is 4.5".
  • Weight is approx 2 grams.